"Evidence Based" thinking about Global Warming

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"Evidence Based" thinking about Global Warming

Postby Biobiker » Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:21 pm

As a reader-writer with three science degrees, I just wanted to express my disappointment with Tim Folger's advocacy or agenda-based opinions expressed in the initial paragraphs of the forward to the 2013 anthology. The endless bashing of anyone who even questions the religion of Global Warming (including true scientists who are OBJECTIVELY collecting evidence) by zealous climate change attorneys and obsessive "science writers" (some of whom have little true science education) grows tiresome. Giants like Steven Hawking shrink their previous achievements and appear weak and petty when they argue with poorly-informed religious fundamentalists and politicians. (Can we agree that, even though he has made tens of millions from Global Warming, that Al Gore is not a scientist?) The journey toward believable "hard-fact" scientific knowledge takes many mis-steps, goes down blind alleys, and stumbles across information that wasn't even being sought. I know of one retired "science editor" who drives a "Pious Prius" to public speaking engagements where he religiously and loudly condemns us "planet warmers" -- those of us who think that we are just beginning to understand Climatology and long-term global weather patterns. He knows nothing of how our atmosphere acquired its oxygen in the first place, and of course he doesn't realize that methane preceded carbon dioxide as a serious "greenhouse gas" by many centuries. Anyway, Folger needs to keep his own religion-bashing Global Warming pushing agenda out of the first few pages of an otherwise truly remarkable science-based publication! Thanks for providing this outlet for my rant.

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Re: "Evidence Based" thinking about Global Warming

Postby tim » Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:06 pm

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